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From the BlogPaws Team

  • Media Alert for BlogPaws 2015 Nashville Conference

    BlogPaws Media Alert

    by Carol Bryant Media makes the world go round: Well, at least at a BlogPaws Conference it does. In addition to all of the networking, education, brand interactions, award presentations, swag, friendships, and more at the BlogPaws Conference, the media will be well represented. Over the… read more

  • Exercise Tips For Aging Pets

    valentine love

    Just because your pet is getting older is no reason to think he or she won’t enjoy a walk around the park or a stroll on the beach. You want to keep your aging pet as active as is comfortable for him or her. Neither you,… read more

  • The BlogPaws Team’s Favorite Posts

    blogging social media

    As bloggers we spend many hours — sometimes it feels like too many hours — on the Internet, but because we are writers and researchers this is what we do. During our time noodling around in our quest for research, we come across blog posts and… read more

  • Using Video In Your Blog Posts

    Yvonne DiVita, BlogPaws CEO started the conversation with guests on the “Lights. Camera. Action!” Google Hangout, Denise Wakeman, Mia Voss, Robert Semrow and Alana Greylak by saying that, “The Internet is all about video these days and just about everything you do is about video these days.”… read more

  • Stop Fleas From Bugging Your Pet

    I may be a dog but I'm a durn good one!

    With spring season come critters that will be biting and “bugging” your pets. Whether you and your pet spend a lot of time in the out of doors or if your pet loves to spend his or her time indoors, fleas can become an issue that… read more

  • Copyright and Work for Hire: What Bloggers Need to Know

    Post by BlogPaws CEO, Yvonne DiVita Is a blogger a writer? Blogs involve writing, after all. Yes, I would say bloggers are writers. Can a person who blogs be considered a professional writer? A writer that is paid for her work? Yes, in today’s world, many… read more

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