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  • How-to Plan for Long-Term Success as a Pet Blogger

    Serious Bloggers Create an Achievable 3 Year Business Plan

    Let’s set the intent of this post, right now. The title, “How-to Plan for Long-Term Success as a Pet Blogger” is missing a word. What word would you add if you were writing this post? I’d add the word “business”. We can put it in front… read more

  • Pet Bloggers Announce 2016 Zero Waste Project Results

    Zero Waste hero image

    Do you recycle? As pet bloggers or social media enthusiasts in general, is there anything you consciously do in the course of your day to recycle, upcycle, or otherwise cut down on the waste created in your household? Imagine then, the massive undertaking it might take… read more

  • Self-Care For The Stressed Out Pet Blogger

    Freelancing 101 self care for the stressed out pet blogger

    Who doesn’t feel stressed-out? Show of hands! How many of you are practicing self-care? Show of hands! I don’t see as many in answer to the second question as I did to the first. In this Freelancing 101: Self-Care for the stressed out pet blogger, we… read more

  • How to Network at a Trade Show

    How to network at a trade show (1)

    Trade shows offer digital influencers unprecedented access to brands, retailers, reps, and media colleagues all in one place. It’s important to understand just how different a trade show is from a conference, though. Remember the purpose of a trade show: The brands aren’t there specifically to… read more

  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Craft For Your Pet Shelter

    Crafting for shelters

    This edition of Wordless Wednesday blog hop is dedicated to pet shelters everywhere. No matter where you reside, if you have arrived on this blog post, you know of an animal shelter in your area, whether online or IRL (in real life). I recall learning about… read more

  • How to Blog About Controversial Topics

    How to Blog About Controversial Topics

    Controversial blog topics are definitely reader and traffic inducing, but as with all blog topics, there is a way to approach them, handle the content, and respond to feedback. As a blogger, where is the fine line and when does one cross it? Do you sit… read more

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