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  • Paid Media vs Earned Media: What’s the difference?

    Paid Media vs Earned Media- What's the difference | BlogPaws.com

    A few weeks ago I touched on the difference between paid media and earned media when working with agencies. I want to take some time to dig into this topic to help you better understand the inner workings of influencer marketing and your role as an… read more

  • How To Build Your Influencer Signature Story

    how to build your signature

    How To Build Your Influencer Signature Story… and why you should “Once upon a time…” is a quintessential opening to a story or a fairy tale. When we were children and our parents read us bedtime stories, I’ll bet many of them started like that. “Once… read more

  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Celebrating Vet Techs


    This week’s Wordless Wednesday blog hop is dedicated to the caring, dedicated veterinary technicians of the world who make this is a better planet for animals. Veterinary technicians play an essential role in vet hospitals and practices and this week, the spotlight is on them. National Veterinary Technician… read more

  • Some of The Most Influential Pets Online

    Some of The Most Influential Pets Online

    Pets rock! And they roll in the dollars, too. With the power of images across social media platforms, pets are making their mark as recognizable, brand-savvy stars online. Influential pets are here to stay. Brands are perking up and taking notice in an effort to work… read more

  • Your One-Week Plan for Social Media Domination

    Your One-Week Plan for Social Media Domination | BlogPaws.com

    Maybe this is just me, but there was a day last week when I was reviewing all my various to-do lists. Some are for urgent, time-bound tasks. Others are more like wish lists, the things I’d do if I had the time. I realized that my… read more

  • Why I Guest Blog and You Should, Too!

    Guest Blogging Tips

    Guest blogging–where you write content on someone else’s blog in return for a link back to yours and recognition of your expertise in the subject matter or when you accept content from guest bloggers on your blog–has changed over the years. In the early days of… read more

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